Posted on Apr 1, 2021

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Can You Move Sink Plumbing?

Relocating sinks from one location to another can be tricky, depending on distance.

Sinks can be moved a short distance using added drains or vents on either side of the adjacent wall, and by adding longer faucet supplies on the adjacent wall.

If the sink needs to be moved across the room, it becomes a lot more challenging.

There may be some drilling involved, but water pipes can be extended, cut, and run almost anywhere.

Any homeowner with some skills can move a sink from its original location a short distance away.

A professional plumber is probably best suited to handle extensive changes to the drain or air vent.

In addition to moving sinks, we can assist with various plumbing issues.

As the best plumbing company in the area, we provide solutions to all of our clients' plumbing problems.

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